Monday, September 13, 2010

Save Money Today On New Home Construction In Asheville

Let Advantage Development Co. save you money today on new home construction here in the Asheville area. We build multi-family/commercial projects and as such are able to employ the highest quality, most reasonably priced sub contractors in this area. By us saving money on our subs and suppliers we directly roll those savings over to you as a Luxury Home Builder, Buyer.

We build new homes and land/home packages for clients in the Asheville area on a flat cost plus 15% basis. We are actually getting our materials and subs at prices that are 10-30% below normal rates in this area due to the fact that we are a volume builder on our multi-family projects. By contracting with us today you will get that new home built cheaper and of a higher quality than you would normally in this area. Call us at (828)-215-9064 or visit us at to learn more.