Saturday, May 2, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder shares about Cork Flooring

Cork as we know it is the product of the cork-oak tree. The bark is peeled off of the tree with the use of hand-held tools in 10 year intervals to preserve the health of each cork oak tree. The bark is then ground and flattened into sheets. Its first use is for wine corks, but the remainder is used for a number of green building materials applications, most notably for flooring. There is little or no wastage and the trees remain unharmed by this strictly controlled harvesting process. Advantage Development Co. is an award winning custom green builder in Asheville NC and believes in using eco friendly building materials and products when possible to lessen the impact of new construction on our planet. Call us today at 828-215-9064 or visit us at to learn just why more people choose us for that custom home.

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