Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder talks Green Cabinetry

What is the difference between a conventional kitchen cabinet and one that is green certified? They all look the same but if you have done your homework you will know that there is a difference. Green products do not pollute your home with unhealthy chemicals and they are made using materials that take the environment into account. Some day eco-friendly cabinets will be the norm, but as of now we need to look a little harder to find products that are truly green. Green kitchen cabinets may cost more because not all manufacturers are using FSC certified hardwood or formaldehyde-free substrates. Certified Wood has been certified by an independent third-party to indicate that it has been grown and harvested using environmentally responsible practices. FSC indicates that wood has met environmental forest management standards.

What makes a kitchen healthy? Most cabinets are not very health-friendly. Most of them are made from ply-wood or pressboard covered with a veneer or a laminate. Plywood and pressboard are glued together, most often with glue that contains formaldehyde, which gives off noxious fumes. Cabinets are a major source of pollution in your home. Often wood used in cabinet-making comes from an environmentally unsustainable and sometimes illegal source. It will be up you to use to ask for products that do not contain unhealthy substances such as urea formaldehyde and vinyl. Be prepared to insist that your wood is FSC certified or that reclaimed woods are being used. Advantage Development Co. has been an award winning custom builder in Asheville since 1990 and likes educating clients on home building materials such as green cabinetry. Visit us today at to learn more about us.

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