Monday, February 23, 2009

Asheville NC Builder Describes What New Clients Want

Custom home buyers may not be driven by the same financial constraints that are prompting everyday Americans to downsize, but they are nevertheless asking for smaller houses. Some want to minimize their carbon footprints; others are looking to simplify their chaotic lives, prepare for retirement, promote family togetherness, or be prudent in uncertain times. Coziness begets comfort, and there is a certain satisfaction in occupying a house that feels good and functions well without being over the top.

And as architect Donald Powers notes, excessive display of wealth has become unfashionable. Everything now is swinging around to compact & functional. The economy is demanding it, and the environment is demanding it due to global warming & other greenhouse effects. If the 1990's were defined by the McMansion, We would like to think the first part of this century could be defined by a return to small, functional, and super high quality. Visit Advantage Development Co. at today, and learn why we are the best custom builder in Asheville.

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