Friday, February 20, 2009

Asheville NC Builder Shares On Interest Rates

Current mortgage interest rates are extremely favorable for buyers. In fact, rates for 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages are hovering near 30-year lows. There is no better time to pick your custom home builder in Asheville, NC, and get that new project started. There are great deals on raw land in the WNC, Asheville area, and they will not last forever.

No one can accurately predict whether rates will go up or down. Even the best economists that follow the market can't tell if rates have bottomed out. If they could, they would all be multi-millionaires living in the french riviera. Trying to predict the market is a dangerous game.

In short, the smartest and safest time to buy or build is now. We know that interest rates are low today. We know that home prices are down in the rest of the country. We know that there are plenty of homes on the market to choose from nationwide. Builders like Advantage Development Co. are willing to offer attractive incentives to get your business while the economy is rebounding. Asheville is an area where property prices remain high as compared to the rest of the United States. Call or visit us today at

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