Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder shares on Outdoor Living Spaces

A long used approach for enlarging the overall feel of a house is to make rooms look larger by visually extending them into the lawn or garden. Using the same wall material inside as for a wall that continues on the terrace and using the same material for the inside ceiling as on the extended terrace eaves, and using glass walls all help to do this. In addition your living room, dining room or even bedrooms can flow right outdoors on to "floating" decks, bricked terraces or lattice-roofed loggias. With the aid of vines, fences, shrubbery, shade trees and flowers you can make a terrace a delightful place for entertaining, sun-bathing and relaxing. Another dimension is added with a barbecue, for with your own fireplace or barbecue any terrace, lawn or garden spot can offer the enchantments of dining under sun and stars.

Barbecues that are located at a distance from the house should be designed to include protected compartments for tinder, fuel storage, and possibly even barbecuing utensils. The more self-sufficient an outdoor area is the more pleasure it can provide. A barbecue that has working space, built-in ovens and a wide grill, makes outdoor dining enjoyable even for the cook. While planning your terrace, you should consider installing electric outlets for lighting, music, an electric barbecue spit, etc. You may want to use vines to create a lattice roof (for example, grape vines leaf out late in the summer when shade is wanted and drop their leaves early as cooler weather sets in). Rapid growing vines like grape, hyacinth or the gourd vine work best. Advantage Development Co. is an award winning custom green builder in Asheville NC building fine homes for two decades. Call us at 828-215-9064 for a free consultation or visit us at to learn just why we are the better builder.

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