Sunday, April 5, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder Talks about Poplar Bark Shingles for Home Siding & Accents

How are Bark House Shingles Made?

Our vendors start in the forest, alongside crews cutting poplar logs for the furniture industry and other uses. As soon as a tree falls, our small teams of craftsmen use coordination and strength, along with a collection of special antique tools, to loosen whole cylinders of bark from the trunk. The cylinders of bark are flattened and cut by hand into standard shingle length. After damaged or cracked sections are removed, the shingles are carefully stacked, and then placed under pressure to prevent curling. The stacks are kiln dried to the proper moisture content, sterilized and then stored in our climate-controlled warehouse until they are ready for use.

When properly installed, bark siding can last over 75 years without significant deterioration. For wear-testing purposes, Highland Craftsmen® monitors homes that were built with Poplar Bark Siding in the 1930s. In some areas, the patina of the bark is weathered, but still functional. There is no need for sealants or preservatives, bark siding resists all kinds of wear. However, using a wood preservative in areas of intense sunshine or exceptional moisture can help retard premature bleaching. Bark Shingles are a very green resource, and are used on many net zero homes as stated by Advantage Development Co.; an Asheville NC based Custom Green Home Builder. Call us at 828.215.9064 or visit our website at to learn why we should be your next builder.

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  1. You should check out Highland Craftsmen at They wrote the book on modern use of bark siding and shingles.