Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder Explains Manual J Calculation

Year-round, comfort is the goal. In the summer, your air conditioning system not only cools your homes air (sensible cooling), it removes moisture (latent cooling). In the winter, your heating system must keep you comfortable without causing high utility bills. Make sure that your HVAC contractor uses the Manual J residential load calculation procedure. Insist on it! Manual J is the official standard for residential load calculation and is required by many building codes around the country. By accurately performing a Manual J calculation you can be assured that your HVAC system has been sized properly for optimal performance and maximum energy efficiency.

Your HVAC contractor will carefully measure your home and evaluate its levels of insulation. Windows, sizes and quantity will be noted, levels of infiltration will be estimated and internal loads including lighting and kitchen appliances will be taken into consideration. A computerized analysis will be completed that indicates just how much heating and/or cooling capacity your new system should provide. After the installation of your new system is completed, you will receive a copy of the computerized load calculation for your records. As an Asheville NC Custom Builder and certified green professional we only use qualified HVAC contractors that properly perform Manual J calculations on all new heating & cooling systems installed in our fine, luxury custom homes. Visit us today at http://www.advdevco.com/ to learn more about us.

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