Sunday, July 19, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder shares on Paint Health Risks

With good reason, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates paint within its Top Five environmental hazards, and has produced research that shows VOC (volatile organic compound) levels indoors while paint is drying are 1000 times higher than outdoors. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights the dangers faced by people who work with paint. It reports that painters have a 20% increased risk of a range of cancers and a 40% increased risk of lung cancer, in particular.

In general, it is recognized that children and older people are particularly vulnerable to solvent vapors. When added to headaches, other allergic reactions, skin problems, heart stressing and effects on the reproductive systems, conventional paint is something you should think hard about before inviting into your home. Advantage Development Co. is an award winning custom builder in Asheville NC that has recognized the health hazards of indoor paints for years now. We always recommend low or no VOC paints and finishes to our clients for indoor applications on their new homes. Visit us at to learn more about us as a custom builder in Asheville since 1990.

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