Thursday, July 9, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder talks Foundations

A large foundation crack is a serious matter. Professional engineers who understand foundations need to be brought in. Once the foundation has stopped its differential movement, then the foundation repair can begin. Yes, as Engineers and Master Builders we understand that foundation problems in a home can be disastrous in many cases. We take great measures when building our custom homes to never have a call back related to foundation shifting. By installing our footings on virgin soil, adding 50% more steel and concrete, re-enforcing walls properly, not back filling before walls are braced, and providing proper soil drainage we have never had a foundation related issue with a home we have built.

Many foundation problems can be avoided with the addition of extra steel to the concrete footers and actual foundation. The building code requirements for structural steel are minimum requirements. At Advantage Development Co. we increase the size of steel from #4 rebar to #5 rebar and the number of pieces of steel in every foundation we install. As Award Winning Asheville NC Master Builders and Engineers we understand the important concepts of building a quality home that will last for generations. Visit us today at to learn more about who we are and why we build better custom homes in Asheville NC.

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