Friday, July 17, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder shares on Foam Insulation

In recent columns, we have looked at cellulose insulation as well as fiberglass and other batt insulation materials. The other option for filling wall and ceiling cavities is foam insulation that is sprayed into the cavity. There are several such materials that are used for this application, all installed by professional insulation contractors. Closed Cell foam-in-place insulation is by far the best and also the most expensive type of home insulation. As an award winning Asheville NC Custom home Builder we educate our clients on all building materials relative to cost versus performance gains.

Polyurethane is by far the most common foam-in-place insulation material used for homes, but there are several quite different formulations. Closed-cell polyurethane has been around for decades, though the ingredients have changed considerably in the past 15 years as ozone-damaging blowing agents were replaced with safer chemicals. The polyurethane is sprayed into the wall or ceiling cavity as a liquid (much like spray paint), and as the components mix they instantly expand, foaming to create the insulation. The material fully cures in a few hours to form a quite hard, high-density (2 pound per cubic foot) material. In a wall cavity, enough material is typically used to expand to several inches thickness, but not so much that the foam bulges beyond the inner face of the framing. Closed-cell polyurethane insulates to between R-5.8 and R-6.8 per inch, a considerably higher insulating value than any other cavity fill insulation. Advantage Development Co. has been the builder of choice in Asheville NC since 1990, and is a multiple Asheville Parade of Homes Winner. Visit us today at to learn more about our company and why we win awards year after year.

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