Saturday, March 28, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder explains LEED Green Building Certification

When you have built a home or other building using environmentally safe Green Building materials and products, you may be eligible for a LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). This group was created by the United States Green Building Council and the aim is to make all Green Building projects of the highest quality and ensure that all the necessary standards are being met to make it environmentally friendly. The LEED certification that you will receive if your building has a good enough rating comes in the form of a plaque stating that your building is a safe and healthy place to live or work in and that it is profitable and safe to the environment. Green Building is not only about preserving the environment and saving water as well as other resources, but it actually promotes a healthier lifestyle because you and your family will not be breathing in dangerous formaldehyde or other toxic compounds anymore.

The LEED certification is based on 4 levels from (certified), which is the lowest level to (platinum) status which is the highest level. It is easy to register for LEED online and if you think your building has everything that the LEED certification team of experts is looking for then you can benefit financially as well. The main aspects that LEED will look for in a Green Building is its sustainability, if it had low operating costs and a high asset value, if the amount of waste to the landfill was reduced by recycling or reusing certain parts, if it conserves water and energy (perhaps by having solar panels fitted), and whether it reduces harmful toxins and gas emissions. Advantage Development Co. is a custom home builder in Asheville NC and has a LEED Certified Rater that can have your new home LEED Certified. LEED Certification is the U.S. Green Building Council National standard and is the highest level green building rating available. Visit us today at or call 828-215-9064 to set-up a free consultation.

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