Friday, March 20, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder Likes Engineered Wood

Conventional wood-framing practices consume vast amounts of lumber made out of large pieces of solid wood. More than 95% of the old-growth forests once in the United States are gone, increasing the urgency to save what is remaining. Engineered lumber is a term that refers to an array of new wood products produced with small scraps of wood glued together under intense heat and pressure. These products use half the amount of wood and can have up to twice the strength. Because they are assembled from small pieces of wood from small-diameter trees, engineered lumber is an easy method of saving money as well as wood resources.

Engineered lumber is made by bonding strips, sheets, or particles of wood together with glue. Although the idea of small fragments of wood may sound weak and brittle, the reality of engineered wood is quite different. Strong, stable, and long lasting, engineered wood works seamlessly with your wood-framed home. Using these engineered products will reduce the amount of wood you need to use in building your home by half. In addition, engineered products never warp or split like solid wood. Being a custom home contractor with only degreed engineers as builders, Advantage Development Co. understands why engineered wood products should be used in all new home construction. Visit us today at to why we build a better home.

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