Saturday, March 14, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder Helps You Pick The Right Style Fireplace

To burn thoroughly and safely, a wood fire needs a continuous and generous supply of air. Otherwise smoke and deadly carbon monoxide can be drawn back into the home -- an effect called incomplete combustion. This process can also result in mold and severe allergy problems from the moisture produced.

A direct vent fireplace is a healthier solution than a wood burning fireplace. It pulls the exhaust away from the fireplace and uses outside air for combustion. The result is a complete air exchange every 24 hours -- even in the summer. This direct-vent fireplace provides the look of a traditional hearth, but without harmful indoor pollutants. Some Direct vent fireplaces are excellent heaters having efficiency ratings up to 80% plus. Others are meant primarily for "looks" and have low efficiencies. Consumers must be sure to choose a model that suits their priorities.

To make your wood burning fireplace safer and healthier, remember to always burn dry, seasoned hardwood and avoid resinous woods like pine (which leaves dangerous build-up behind). Have your chimney and firebox inspected and cleaned each year by a professional chimney sweep. Install a chimney box damper and remember to close it in off-seasons will keep small animals and rodents from entering. Whether you want a real wood burning firebox, or a direct vent with gas logs, Advantage Development Co. is your local custom home builder here to assist in all of your new home needs. Visit Advantage Development Co. today at and see why we are the better builder.

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