Sunday, March 15, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder Talks about Importance of House Wrap

Tyvek is a house wrap building membrane, used to limit air leakage, and still allow breathability. I am sure you have seen it wrapped around the exterior of new homes prior to the final exterior being installed.

It is made from space age polymers, and allows moisture to escape, but resists water penetration from outside. This avoids harmful condensation build-up in the walls. In addition, Tyvek is a fire retardant material that is very strong and durable. House wrap is usually not something that gets much thought when planning a new home, but it should. I believe it is extremely important for house wrap to be used around the walls of your home helping waterproof it. House wrap acts as a second line of defense against water leaking into walls.

Advantage Development Co. uses Tyvek because it has proven performance. It is very important that you use a house wrap you can rely on because it plays a critical role in weatherproofing your home. You will see many builders cut corners and not use Tyvek house wrap or just us a single sheet of foam, or nothing at all. The small cost of using a good vapor barrier house wrap like Tyvek® is insignificant when you consider the benefits. Tyvek was developed by the DuPont Corporation, and is the #1 leading house wrap material in the building industry. Visit us today at and see why we are the better builder in Western North Carolina.

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