Saturday, June 13, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder explains Health Risks associated with Carpet

Carpet is synonymous with comfort; it is soft, absorbs sound, and makes a house warmer, literally and figuratively. Unfortunately, it also contributes to poor indoor air quality, off-gassing volatile organic compounds, absorbing and retaining moisture that can lead to mold, and is a huge sinkhole for dirt and dust mites. As an Asheville NC Certified Green Builder we understand the importance of using air quality friendly flooring materials in that new custom home. It is also important to leave your shoes at the door and not carry contaminants into the home that can get trapped in the carpet, emitting toxic vapors at an ongoing rate causing additional health hazards.

If your heart and feet are set on carpet, go with natural fibers, like wool, hemp, silk, linen, and sisal. My favorite is wool: The innate beauty and durability of pure wool provides a natural soil barrier, adds warmth and comfort, is inherently flame resistant, plus, it comes from a renewable resource. Look for natural fiber carpets free of toxic dyes, pesticides, herbicides, and flame retardants. Two of my favorites are Earth Weave and Natures Carpet, both 100% wool complemented by solid environmental practices. Advantage Development Co. is an award winning builder in Asheville NC that always educates home buyers relative to health hazards associated with flooring and building materials enabling clients to make wiser choices, thus improving indoor air quality. Visit us today at to learn why we are the better builder in the Asheville NC area.

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