Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Home Builder talks Foundation Water Proofing

If you decide to have your new foundation waterproofed, and you should, the company doing the work will most likely insist that they install or monitor the installation of your drain tile system. Very few builders that I am aware of take the time or interest to adequately install drain tile. Water naturally flows toward your foundation. This is especially true if you live on a hillside or even a slight slope (which, by the way, most of us do!) Water moves horizontally through soil. Water occupies the void spaces between the particles of soil. The deeper you go into a soil, especially if it is clay, the less space there is for water. As an Asheville NC Custom Builder we know the importance of good foundation water proofing and footing drain systems. Foundation problems are very hard to resolve so we take great pains to assure we never have one.

To make matters worse, the soil that is use for back fill around your house is rarely compacted. When it is dumped around your house it has huge amounts of air in it. This dirt was fluffed up and pumped full of air when it was dug from the ground. It can takes years and years for this ground to naturally compact. In some cases, where overhangs protect the dirt, it may never truly compact. It can always have more air in it than the soil that is only 5 or 6 feet away. This can spell BIG trouble for your foundation if it is not waterproofed AND if you have a bad drain tile installation. We have a leader in the industry install all of our homes foundation waterproofing systems. They provide the home owner a written ten year warranty against foundation problems resulting from water damage. Advantage Development Co. is an Asheville NC Custom Home Builder that takes steps to assure every home we build is of the highest quality and will be issue free for the life of the home. Call us or visit us at to learn why we build a better home and win awards.

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