Sunday, June 21, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder likes using a Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier or vapor diffusion retarder is a material that reduces the rate at which water vapor can move through a material. The older term "vapor barrier" is still used even though it may inaccurately imply that the material stops all of the moisture transfer. Since everything allows some water vapor to diffuse through it to some degree, the term "vapor diffusion retarder" is more accurate. As an Award Winning Asheville NC Custom Home Builder we recognize the importance of a properly installed vapor barrier on every home we build.

When installing a vapor diffusion retarder, it should be continuous and as close to perfect as possible. This is especially important in very cold climates and in hot and humid climates. Be sure to completely seal any tears, openings, or punctures that may occur during construction. Cover all appropriate surfaces; otherwise, you risk moist air condensing within the cavity, which would lead to dampened insulation. The thermal resistance of wet insulation is dramatically decreased, and prolonged wet conditions will induce mold and wood rot. Advantage Development Co. is an Asheville NC Builder that always goes to great pains to insure that vapor barriers are properly installed in their custom homes during construction. Visit us today at to learn more about high end custom home builders.

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