Monday, June 8, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder talks about the Importance of a Good Foundation

Footings are poured concrete pathways that help to spread the weight of the home from the foundation walls to the surrounding soil. Footings are wider than the foundation walls they support, and form the perimeter of the home. Sometimes, additional footings are added inside the perimeter to support load-bearing interior walls. A firm foundation, including properly installed footings of adequate size to support the structure and prevent excessive settlement, is essential to the satisfactory performance of buildings including raised floor systems. As an Asheville NC Custom Builder and engineers, we understand the importance of a good foundation when constructing that high quality dream home. We use beefier footings on virgin earth constructed with over 50% more steel reinforcing than required by local and international building codes.

Continuous (stem wall) foundations are frequently constructed of reinforced masonry or poured concrete, supported by a continuous, reinforced-concrete spread footing. Stem wall foundations may include interior spot piers for support of the raised floor system. Moisture control of the crawlspace created by the stem wall foundation is an important issue and exactly why we install an insulated, sealed crawl system in all of our fine customs built on a crawl area. Advantage Development Co. is an Asheville NC Custom Home Builder in our second decade of high end custom residential construction. We pride ourselves on providing old world quality combined with cutting edge building science technologies. Visit us today at to learn why we have been winning awards and building fine custom homes since 1990.

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