Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder talks about Concrete Homes

Insulated Concrete Wall Homes are one of the strongest and most energy-efficient houses possible. Even hurricane-force winds cannot blow one down. It is true that concrete is not a good insulator and feels cold, but with this method the concrete is totally encapsulated in rigid insulating foam. The foam provides the energy efficiency and the concrete provides the strength. The concrete inside the foam also adds thermal mass to the house. In addition to efficiency, very little outdoor noise penetrates the walls. As an award winning Asheville NC Custom Green Builder we are always looking for new and innovative ways to build more energy efficient homes.

People often think of efficiency as strictly insulation level, but air infiltration (leakage) into and out of a house is also a significant efficiency factor. With interlocking foam blocks or long continuous panels, there will be very little air leakage. Also, concrete will not settle over time as lumber homes sometimes do, so these houses remain airtight. Other than having thick walls, these homes are constructed like any other home. These foam/concrete houses look like any other home in the neighborhood. In fact, with the superior strength of concrete, you will actually have more design flexibility. Advantage Development Co. is an Asheville NC Builder that is constantly looking for new ways to build more energy efficient homes for our clients. Visit us today at http://www.advdevco.com/ to learn more about us and why we build better homes.

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