Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder likes to Incorporate Creative Window Design

Imaginative window design can help you enjoy your house more and make it greener at the same time. Building with an efficient use of interior space is a tenet of green building, but it may leave you feeling claustrophobic. One way to avoid this is to use the outdoors to create the sense that the room you are in is part of a larger space. Windows with low sills bring sight lines closer to the house, increasing visual connection to the outdoors. High windows such as transoms bring in enlightening views of the sky, but extra units cost more. We sometimes have custom patterns made into our windows to create the effect of transoms without breaking the budget. We are an Asheville NC Builder that likes creative window design and layout in our fine custom homes.

When privacy is not an issue, consider dropping window sills lower than normal. Doing so pulls sight lines closer to the house, increasing visual connection to the outdoors. As long as the edge of the glass is 18 inches above the finished floor and 30 inches away from a door, it should not need to be tempered, which saves money. Sometimes it is worth it to pay extra for windows that sit even lower. This is particularly effective on sloping sites, but even on a flat site, it changes the feel of a space dramatically. As an Award Winning Asheville NC Builder we like working with clients on creative ways to enhance the overall feel of that new custom home without breaking the bank. Visit us today at to learn more about how we design and build award winning homes in Asheville NC.

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