Monday, June 15, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder likes Engineered Wood Products

The decreasing supply of large diameter, old-growth trees resulted in the increased popularity of engineered wood products, those made from young, small diameter trees and scrap wood that is reassembled into I-joists, boards and beams. But did you know that the engineered wood that is well-recognized in residential construction as header and girder material and I-joist chords, can also be used for wall framing with similar effective results? Engineered wood is made from quick growing, abundant species such as aspen, fir, pine and poplar that are processed into wood veneers or strands, coated with adhesive, compressed into large billets, dried, then sawn into standard lumber dimensions. As Asheville NC Custom Home Builders and engineers we have been advocates of engineered wood products for decades now.

In walls, engineered wood can be used as a replacement for 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 dimensional lumber, installed with the same process, tools, and fasteners. Because engineered wood products are superior in strength, stability, and uniformity to standard lumber species of the U. S., headers and girders can be engineered for greater clear spans or to carry greater loads. This means that taller walls can be designed for greater environmental conditions (like high wind speed or seismic activity) at greater spacing (for windows and doors). This greater design flexibility, reduced waste (no culling), and the materials dimensional stability drive the value decision. Advantage Development Co. is an Award Winning Asheville NC Custom Builder making dreams come true for clients for over twenty years now. Call us or visit us at to learn why we build better high end custom homes.

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