Saturday, June 6, 2009

Asheville NC Custom Builder likes Recycled Paper Countertops

Want a green material for your kitchen counter tops that is tough enough to stand up to skateboards, boats and even airplanes? Then you will want to check out recycled paper counter tops! I know, paper does not sound like a very practical material for a counter top, after all it is quite fragile and disintegrates when it gets wet, but these counter tops are made from pulp that comes from trees harvested by managed forests along with some recycled paper. Of course, it does not resemble paper at all once it is processed and the result is a beautiful and durable green counter top. As an Asheville NC Custom Builder we like the new recycled paper counter tops being offered by a company named paper stock, they are truly amazing counter tops, both beautiful, and durable.

These recycled counter tops also have many advantages such as being heat resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant. This type of counter top is a solid color throughout the entire thickness so any scratches that do occur will not be very noticeable. With a heat resistance of up to 350 degrees you will not have to worry about burns on your new counter. But perhaps, the best thing about these recycled paper counter tops is that they are very sanitary and, in fact, the material has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for use in cutting boards. It has an impervious surface and resists the growth of bacteria. Advantage Development Co. is an award winning Asheville NC Custom Home Builder that likes to stay current on new trends and products being offered for custom home building. Visit us today at to learn why we are the choice of many discriminating home owners in the Asheville NC area.

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